Level 1 Course

As part of our education commitment, Sabots Libres currently offers two courses. They differ principally on entry level with the Level 1 course being aimed at both the private owner and professionals with restricted knowledge of the actual daily requirements of the horse and the role that barefoot has to play, and with little or no experience of trimming hooves.

Level 2 is aimed at those owners and professionals with the knowledge provided by the Level 1 course, who have a clear understanding of the daily requirements of the horse and are reasonably proficient – or at least practiced – in trimming hooves.

The Level 1 course consists of:

Day 1 – Theory
The daily life of the horse
Elementary locomotion
The role of the hoof
Hoof hygiene and maintenance

Day 2 – Theory/Practical
Review of tools needed for effective trimming (theory) and evaluation of students’ trimming equipment
Trimming – we only use live horses since this is the only way to appreciate and learn about the dynamics of the hoof and how the horse behaves during a trim!