The “Footy” Horse

Much is discussed on the interweb – and as far as horses go, probably the most discussed is barefoot. Not surprising since so many people are realising that the “art” of shoeing has little to do with either welfare or the requirements of the modern equestrian age.

All manner of advice gets bandied […]

A step too far… advertising a hoofboot sale and seminar

We all know – or at least, those that want to know – that horseshoes are a destructive and irrelevant relic of the middle ages. We know that they cause more than just superficial damage to the hoof but that the damage continues right through the bones […]


People often ask me which hoof boots I would recommend, usually as a cautionary precursor to riding barefoot outdoors.

My answer is very simple – but not always satisfactory! I do not recommend any make of hoof boot.

Among the various reasons why horses should not be shod, is also the question of physics and […]