Another One Down

Yet again, at a major race event, this time the Melbourne Cup, a horse takes a serious fall, this time breaking its shoulder and resulting in euthanasia.
Cliffs of Moher was a was a bay colt of very uncertain ownership…
This in itself is serious enough, but the whole story goes further on realising that this horse was just 4½ years old. He started his ‘career’ in a seven furlong (1.4 km) race at the age of just 2½.
To be able to race a horse at this age, it means starting training very early and him being under the saddle at barely 2 years of age. An abominable practice condoned not only by an industry that earns billions of dollars/pounds/euros a year, but by countless countries that refuse to crack down on this abuse of animal welfare, oft because the revenues on betting are enormous.
And we hear everyone saying that the riders, trainers, stablehands etc ‘love the horses’ – well, maybe they do, but they certainly don’t respect them.
A Safe Start – The Reality of Training Early

Locomotion and Hoof Care Course - Level 1

The next Sabots Libres Locomotion and Hoof Care Course – Level 1 – will be held during the weekend 1 & 2 June 2019 […]

Got Healthy Hooves?

Recently, The Horse published an article entitled Got Healthy Hooves? Here’s How to Keep Them That Way. As is often the case with articles in The Horse a fair degree of nonsense is peddled and this one was no exception. Being completely hoof oriented, it warrants analysis and counter-argument. In order to present a […]

Hoe word ik Bekapper?

I hope this article remains coherent in the reading – I have reread it and understand it, but then I wrote it! Some – no, a lot – of what I have to say will probably offend quite a lot of barefoot trimmers out there, certainly those claiming qualifications. Those who make their living by […]

A World on its Head

Browsing my Twitter feeds today, I came across ‘tweets’ by two organisations which seem to sum up the equine world and the complete lack of knowledge and understanding of the animal they both claim to represent. The first was a Dutch equestrian magazine ‘Bit’ (@Bitpaarden) with an article on which feed concentrates to give to […]

Deshoeing and is it necessary to boot?

Yesterday, I spoke to the owner of a twelve year-old horse, shod for at least the past six years. She asked me particularly about the transition to barefoot (the conviction is there but the uncertainties about how and when remain…). I won’t go into all the implications of transition here – suffice to say that […]

Leeftijd bij Inrijden

This article was originally published in English by the author on the Equine Independent website in June 2013 There must be something in the air at the moment; I was recently expounding the virtues of delaying a horse’s training under the saddle only to come across an article last week on The Horse website talking […]

Cushing Candidate?

As my followers (and detractors) will undoubtedly confirm, I am often dismissive of traces of blood in the white line. Such traces are often the result of a trauma at some indeterminate time in the past and now, often between three and eight months later, neither owner, nor horse, nor hoof have any recollection of anything untoward and at the next trim, the traces will probably have disappeared all by themselves. […]

Hoefkatrolontsteking - de ongeneeslijk genezen...

About this article.

Navicular syndrome or navicular disease is a condition that has affected horses throughout the ages. For this reason, numerous studies have been carried out on the subject and it would appear that the conclusions are more or less cut and dried; the experts seem to be of more or less unanimous opinion […]

Defending the indefensible

My mare’s headstall–ridden like this from the first moment I had her.

Recently, on that epitome of good sense and reasoning known as Facebook, I happened across a post from a ‘friend’ (these days, a very vacuous definition if ever there was one) describing events during a weekend at Aintree with Buck Brannaman. Without […]

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