Spam Policy

If you consider you have received spam from our domain, please check the following points:

  • Our newsletters and bulletins are sent solely to subscribers
  • Newsletter subscribers are either existing contacts of Sabots Libres or have opted in by active subscription
  • Our newsletter service uses a double opt-in authentication. This means you not only sign up, but you must also confirm that you wish to sign up by replying to a confirmation email
  • All newsletters contain a link to unsubscribe – this link points to the domain (or for older newsletters, to ). If you have received a newsletter purporting to be from Sabots Libres with an unsubscribe link to another domain, it is a scam and should be ignored
  • A request to unsubscribe is activated immediately !
  • Sabots Libres never shares its subscriber database
  • All mail, including newsletters, that is sent from Sabots Libres is accompanied by a DKIM authentication key. This key is your (and our) guarantee that the message is authentic. For more information about DKIM, see:

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