500 Kilomètres à cheval pieds nus

…les aventures de randonnée en France

Itinerary 2017

The first part of the route follows the Garonne river along the newly opened GR 861 «Via Garona» from Toulouse to Saint Bertrand de Comminges…

Total distance: 156.5 km

There, we turn towards the south-east towards the Spanish border via Bagnères de Luchon then the Port de Vénasque

Total distance: 59 km

At the Port de Vénasque, we cross the border to find the (principle) source of the Garonne at Forau des Aigualluts. After that, we continue through the Val d’Aran to the Port de Salau.

Total distance: 78.84 km


An alternative, which avoids the Port de Vénasque, takes us to Melles…
Total distance: 32.54 km

…in order to cross the border at the Pont du Roi and on to Uelhs deth Joèu.
Total distance: 43.96 km

At Uelhs deth Joèu, we rejoin the route to the Port de Salau.
Total distance: 66.63 km


From the Port de Salau, we descend to Couflens where we join the GR 10 which takes us to the étang de Guzet

Total distance: 35.8 km

After the étang de Guzet, we continue on the GR 10 until we reach Mérens-les-Vals

Total distance: 106.1 km

At Merens-les-Vals, we leave the GR 10 to pass through L’Hospitalet près l’Andorre, over the Col de Puymorens and then through the Vallée du Carol to Porta.

Total distance: 29.48 km

The route between Porta and Superbolquère si the reverse of the last two days of Equi Libre’s Spring Transhumance. At Superbolquère we rejoin the GR 10…

Total distance: 41.02 km


But we can also pass by way of Latour de Carol avoiding the Coll de L’home Mort. At Targassonne, there is a lower route through Vià which rejoins the GR 10 at Bolquère where we turn…
Total distance: 43.71 km


…in the direction of Batère.