Locomotion and Hoof Care Course – Level 1

Locomotion and Hoof Care Course

Level One

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The next Sabots Libres
Locomotion and Hoof Care Course
– Level 1 –
will be held during the weekend
1 & 2 June 2019

The Course

• Presentation of course and introduction participants

• Informal exchange of questions / problems (cracks, splits, founder, navicular syndrome etc.)

• Daily life

• Nutrition

• Life-expectancy

• Living conditions

• Care and Welfare

• Basic equine anatomy

• Anatomy and physiology of the equine limb

• Bio-mechanics of the equine locomotor system

• Effects of shoeing and diverse trim techniques

• The implications of barefoot - for the horse and rider

• Cracks and Splitting

• Bacterial / fungal infection

• Laminitis / Founder

• Navicular syndrome

• The hoof capsule

• Care and maintenance - why

• Care and maintenance - how

• 'Natural' hoof care?

• Hipposandals

• Advice on tools - recommendations

• Correct usage of tools

• Hands-on trimming of live horses.

horses lying down
Cost of the Course:


The price of the course includes:

• Accommodation Saturday night 1 June
• Lunch, Saturday and Sunday
• Evening meal Saturday
• Breakfast Sunday

 For a surcharge of 20€, accommodation including supper will be available to participants wishing to arrive on Friday evening

Day 1 commences at 09:00 and is occupied solely by the theory part of the course. The day usually ends around 17:00 although questions and discussion can prolong the session.
Day 2 commences between 08:30 and 09:00 with the collection of the horses for the practical session. The day is rounded off mid-afternoon with a final question-and-answer session when a veterinary surgeon will also be present.

Accommodation is provided at the course location.
The sleeping arrangements are dormitories with bunk beds. Bed-linen is provided.
Please bring your own towel(s).

Vegetarian/vegan/food allergies are all welcome but we must ask you to make you own food arrangements since the meals are simple and we are unable to cater for specific diets.

A jacuzzi is at your disposal.

The nearest airports are Barcelona-El Prat, Carcassonne, Perpignan-Rivesaltes and Toulouse-Blagnac.

Barcelona-El Prat is served by various airlines flying from Birmingham, Dublin, East Midlands, Glasgow, Liverpool, London Gatwick, London Heathrow, London Luton, Manchester.
Carcassonne is served by RyanAir flying from Cork, Dublin, East Midlands, Edinburgh, Glasgow, London Stansted and Manchester.
Perpignan-Rivesaltes is served by RyanAir flying from Birmingham, Dublin, London Stansted and Southampton.
Toulouse-Blagnac is served by various airlines flying from Paris, Bristol, Chester, Dublin, London, Manchester, Southampton, and other airports around Europe.

Other airports around the region include Bordeaux, Bergerac Dordogne Perigord, Brive-Souillac

There is a rail service from Barcelona-Sants to Porté-Puymorens, changing at Latour-de-Carol - Enveitg but connections are poor and the service irregular.
There is no easy public-transport service from Carcassonne.
There is a bus-service† from Perpignan to Porta for 1€.
There is a rail-service† from Toulouse-Matabiau to Porté-Puymorens approximately every two hours. The station is reached from the airport by shuttle (20 - 45 minutes depending upon traffic).

Hire cars are usually available at all four airports. Be aware that you will need a credit card (not a debit card) to hire a car.
Journey times* to Porta:
Barcelona-El Prat, 2½ hours
Carcassonne, 2¼ hours
Perpignan-Rivesaltes, 2 hours
Toulouse-Blagnac, 2 hours

* Timings are dependent upon traffic and weather conditions.
† The French are notorious for strike action, therefore it is wise to check in advance the availability of public transport

Porta is no longer served by its own railway station - although the trains are obliged to stop there to pass! The nearest station is Porté-Puymorens, 1km from La Pastorale.
The station is on the line Toulouse - Latour-de-Carol - Enveitg and served by around 13 trains daily including 'La Parisienne' arriving from Paris Austerlitz every morning and returning every evening.

Trains leave Toulouse-Matabiau at approximately the following times†:
06:45 - arr. 09:30
08:45 - arr. 11:30
10:45 - arr. 13:30
14:45 - arr. 17:30
16:45 - arr. 19:30
18:45 - arr. 21:30

Trains leave Porté-Puymorens at approximately the following times†:
05:35 - not weekends  - arr. 08:20
07:35 - arr. 10:20
09:35 - arr. 12:20
13:35 - arr. 15:20
17:35 - arr. 20:20
19:35 - arr. 22:20

For La Parisienne, please consult sncf.com since times and timings vary. This is a Night Train service and reservation, preferable well in advance, is necessary.

† The French are notorious for strike action, therefore it is wise to check in advance the availability of public transport

Porta is on the main Route Nationale 20 linking Toulouse with Barcelona.

From North and Northwest France, pass by Bordeaux and then on to Toulouse.

From Northeast France and the Low Countries pass by Paris, Orléans, Brive-la-Gaillarde to Toulouse.

From Toulouse, follow the A61 then A66 'Ariégeoise' to Tarrascon-sur-Ariège, Ax-les-Thermes, L'Hospitalet-près-de-l'Andorre then either by col or tunnel to Porta.


From Central France, the A75 to Beziers then the A9 to Perpignan

From Eastern and Southeastern France, A6 - A7 - A9 to Perpignan.

From Perpignan the N116 to Villefranche-le-Conflent, Mont Louis, Bourg Madame.
At Bourg Madame, the N20 direction Toulouse.

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The course starts at 09:00 on Saturday 1 June and finishes in the afternoon of Sunday 2 June and includes accommodation for Saturday night.
Lunch will be supplied on Saturday and Sunday.
Evening meal will be supplied on Saturday.
Breakfast will be supplied on Sunday.

I would like to provisionally reserve a place on the Sabots Libres Locomotion and Hoof Care Course, Level 1, on 1-2 June 2019

Please make payment by bank transfer to:
Account holder: Timothy Bolton
Place of Residence: Fenouillet, France
IBAN: FR76 1310 6005 0030 0103 3293 862
Please tick the box to confirm your acceptance of our terms

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