How to become a Barefoot Trimmer...

I hope this article remains coherent in the reading – I have reread it and understand it, but then I wrote it! Some – no, a lot – of what I have to say will probably offend quite a lot of barefoot trimmers out there, certainly those claiming qualifications. Those who make their living by […]

Locomotion and Hoof Care Course - Level 1

stage parage

Sabots Libres is offering its level 1 Locomotion and Hoof Care course during the weekend of 9-10 June 2018.

The location is at the Gîte La Pastorale in Porta in the fabulously picturesque Carol Valley in South-Western France. Easy access by car from Toulouse, Perpignan and Barcelona. Rail access from Toulouse to Porté-Puymorens Station, […]