Hay and the Draughthorse – continued

The “experiment” with Laika continues. She is exclusively on a diet of hay and anything that her pasture can offer. Even apples and carrots have been banned from her feed – both contain reasonable quantities of sugars and this is one of the major components we are trying to avoid.
The results are very favourable. She is displaying definite signs of altered muscle tone; previously she tended to keep up a trot – at least partially – through adrenaline but now this is clearly thanks to altered muscle tone and the anaerobic burning of energy.
How can we tell? In the past, she could trot for a reasonable time but only with constant encouragement. Cantering was restricted to a very short run of no more than ten steps – unless there was an adrenaline based reason for her actions. Now, when asked to trot, she keeps it up for much greater periods without any further need to be driven. The canter is now possible over distances of a hundred metres and more.
Check back again shortly for more news about Laika’s diet…

Hay and the Draughthorse…

Laika has been fed a variety of things since her arrival at the farm: maize, feed pellets, bread/breadcrumbs, apples, carrots, hay etc.
Her general performance and stamina have always been somewhat unpredictable – the one moment full of energy and the next like a snail. She could trot a fair distance but always needed encouragement and a gallop was generally just over very short distances.
A few weeks ago, I stopped feeding her anything except hay and that what is in the pasture. The transformation was almost immediately noticeable. Although the muscle tone still needs to adapt to a more anaerobic process, she already has far more energy and much greater stamina. She will trot at a steady rate for long distances and needs little or no encouragement to stay in the trot.
And that after trying all sorts of combinations…!