Trimming Course Level 2 (Porta, France)

Two day level 2 hoof trimming course (in French) in the beautiful Pyrenees.

Day 1. Theory

Distribution of educational material Morning – Objective: evaluation and revision of Level 1 Welcome and introduction. Collection of questions. Work terrain & the law. Equine physiology. The rules of kinetic damping. Afternoon – Objective: The pathologies Interpretation of radiography […]

Simplification or Mystification?

Everywhere you look, everywhere you go, farriers and barefoot specialists alike are talking about “protection” and about balance. Trimmers in particular are tied to the idea of dimensions – there is even a movement that issues little templates to determine the right heel height, or one that issues protractors for getting the toe-angle correct. Hoof […]

The Other Approach…

It is interesting at times to take a look at how ones “colleagues” go about their profession. It has a couple of benefits: you can pick up tips and tricks – particularly in those activities that you only carry out once in a while; you see someone else’s technique – again to compare with and […]