Time Out…

In extreme situations there comes a moment when a time out is needed. A moment where the rider is at his wits’ end and the horse would appear to rear up just at the sight of the rider.

In this situation there is only one sensible course of action and that is to take a time out. Both horse and rider have a chance to calm down and rest and the possibility to grow back towards each other. Engagement can help in these circumstances too. In certain situations the horse might even be found a temporary home* to give it a break from its possibly stress-laden surrounding. There it will be possible to work intensively but gently with him.
Even in this situation, it is not the intention to shut out the rider completely. Slowly, the rider must be reintroduced to the horse and play a steadily increasing role in the horse’s life so that when the horse returns home, there is once again a good bond between the two of them.

*Unfortunately, there is not always place available and for some horses it is not suitable – moving a horse can create more stress than is already present and integration into a new environment and a new group of horses can also present difficulties.